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Back Sleeper

Best Mattress for Back Sleeper

Back Sleepers get the benefit of better spinal alignment with minimal pressure to the shoulders and hips. Blood circulation is often best while sleeping on your back. Back sleepers typically enjoy a contoured feeling and lean toward a Gel / Memory Foam core and a plush top on the mattress.

Our recommendations below will complement the way you sleep and provide you with great support, while reducing the pressure points, optimizing blood circulation, and delivering the best night’s rest possible.

Firm Top

Firm mattresses have traditionally been viewed as the best for your back because they provide a semi-rigid surface for youto sleep on and do not allow your body to sink in to the mattress. Typically stomach sleepers benefit the most from a firm top mattress.

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Gel / Memory foam
Gel & Memory Foam mattresses have proven to be great alternative to traditional spring mattresses. Memory foam mattresses contour to the body without the typical resistance of a traditional mattress. This reduces pressure points which in turn help you to not toss and turn as much throughout the night, ensuring you get more hours of deep sleep. Memory foam and Gel mattresses also have the benefit of not transferring motion from side to side as you turn in bed. This is good when couples are in the same bed and one of them is a light sleeper or is sensitive to motion in the mattress.

Further, without the right mattress, you could be sleeping with an unhealthy curve in your spine which can cause pain and inflamation.

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Other Options

Plush Mattress


Innerspring Mattress


Stomach Sleeper


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